Friday, 16 November 2007

Friday Grab Bag

Reason No. 472 It's Nice Not to Have a Car

You don't have to scrape frost off a windshield on a cold morning. You do, however have to scrape it off your bicycle seat:

BritNews Roundup
Call it pedalphilia: A 51-year-old Scottish man was convicted of a "sexually aggravated breach of the peace" for trying to have sex with his bicycle. Robert Stewart was sentenced to three years of probation for the offense. Stewart conducted his cycle seduction in a locked room in a hostel. But he probably should have put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign. Cleaners knocked several times then used a master key to gain entry, where they discovered Stewart wearing only a white T-shirt and, ahem, trying to ride his bike. Both cleaners, the BBC reported, were "extremely shocked." They informed the hostel manager, who called police.

Like me, you may have thought that in Scotland pretty much anything is fair game--those cold, dark nights, all those sheep. Bikes, however, appear to be off-limits. Ah well, different spokes for different folks.

Oh that naughty BBC, Part XVI: The news outlet apparently added the sound of crying babies to footage of newborn quintuplets it showed on its 24-hour news channel and Web site. Video of the quints was released by Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital. It lacked audio. However when the video showed up on TV and online, there was the sound of crying, despite the fact the newborns, born 14 weeks prematurely, had respirators in their mouths. A BBC spokesperson told the Guardian: "[We] should not have added sound to the pictures."

Well, no duh. Reality should be good enough for anyone. The news needn't be tweaked to make it more real.

The Daily Mail's infatuation with women's breasts (and John Kelly's Voxford's infatuation with the Daily Mail's infatuation with women's breasts) continues with a story on why women's breasts are getting bigger with each succeeding generation.

A Real Renault-No

Still waiting for a call back from Publicis, the London agency responsible for Renault's "n-word" newspaper ad. A spokesperson at the Advertising Standards Authority informed me that his group had received two complaints about the ad from members of the public. "The general crux of the complaints is that the ad is offensive, inappropriate and in bad taste because of the connotations of the 'n' word," he said in an e-mail message.

The ASA issues wonderfully detailed reports of its findings. I'll be waiting to see what it does with this ad.

Gargoyle of the Week
My Lovely Wife snapped this happy fellow, who looks out from a corner of Brasenose College (which is universally recognized as the most oddly-named college in Oxford).

Keep your nose clean and have a great weekend.


cktirumalai said...

Brasenose (its name derives from a bronze door knocker shaped like a nose) has a special meaning for me because 40 years ago I wrote my doctoral dissertation on Walter Pater, a Classics don at that college.
I am sure someone could compose an interesting poem about the names one encounters in and around Oxford.

mark from alexandria said...

Maybe Mr. Stewart just forgot to wipe the frost off of his bicycle seat, before he sat down.

suburbancorrespondent said...

Is this just a phenomenon in Britain (the increasing breast sizes, that is, not the gargoyles)? Because you still can't find those 32G bras in the States (I know - I've looked).

And the increasing weight theory doesn't pan out - look at those pictures - the women with the smallest waists have the biggest breasts.

Sorry to dwell on this, but it is a subject near and dear to my heart (ahem).