Thursday, 22 May 2008

Get Your Motor Running

I like old cars, interesting cars...any cars, I suppose. In Europe, and in England especially, you have a better of chance of seeing something cool than you do in the United States. Here are a few that have captivated me over the last eight months.

An old Skoda in Prague:

A Fiat 500 in Rome:

A Smart car parked outside the Ferrari dealership in Berlin:

A Citroen that parks around the corner from my house:

A Skoda, in a Prague shopping mall:

A Trabant, Prague:

A Bentley decorated for a wedding, Wenceslas Square, Prague:

An Armstrong Siddeley parked on my street last week:

And here's how I get around:


Ruth said...

I like how you didn't say "and here's how I get TO WORK," since that would involve feet. But why didn't you mention the oh-so-cute vintage two-seater kept in loving storage while we're in England? Here's a link to a car like John's, for those who don't know:

And let's not forget our little Mini Cooper! First year's model; 2002, chili red with black roof. Zippy!

I've always lusted after bug-eyed Sprites, or a Jaguar XKE. Although I may have to settle for a Jag sedan as our knees and backs age .... And I'm counting the days til we can junk the minivan.

mark from alexandria said...

You'll be happy to know that the SmartCar has debuted in the DC area. Lindsay Cadillac (of all places) is the local dealer in Alexandria. Its a hoot seeing all the folks taking them out for test drives. If my commute did not include the Beltway, I would be seriously considering one.

wiredog said...

Back in the late 70's/early 80's there was a guy in NoVa who had a Stanley Steamer. A 1903 model, IIRC. I think the Smithsonian ended up with it.

He used to give local kids, like me, rides in it. Had a steam whistle for a horn. Local legend has it that his granddaughter took her driver's test in that car.

Candadai Tirumalai said...

More than 40 years ago a lot of people saw "The Yellow Rolls Royce," a varied three-part movie with classy actors.
I seem to remember that a while ago people in Britain found it disturbing that the Rolls was no longer purely British in production.

MARY said...

All I can say to those neat array of cars is, "WOW"! I want one.

I do remember those days, when the various cars [MGB; Spitfire etc.], and our three children, were so small, that all three could fit into the back seat/shelf. We would head a couple of blocks away in the waning evening light to look at fireflies lighting the tree tops by the creek.

I do find myself looking at the SmartCar and wondering, however, if those are painted flower, as decorations on the front left fender, or little dings in the finish.

Malte said...

Ok, you only have two wheels. But to judge from the Kelly driving style, even on those you're still a lot faster than most of the cars above... ;)

Jeb said...

Having watched a Smart at 60mph (plus) on a typical VA expressway, you'd never convince me to drive one further than from Lindsay Cadillac to Old Town and back. The bouncing and general skittishness of that ridiculous little vehicle would make it a white-knuckler. It gets no better mileage and costs no less than a basic Honda Civic or Fit, for example, and those cars will drive better and haul more as well.

Love the old car pics, John. I still have a photo of a 1960s Jag something or other from one of my summers in Oxford.

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